Present throughout a variety of species of fruits and plants such as basil, parsley, mangoes, and of course, cannabis, ocimene is a monoterpene known for its pleasantly tropical and woody bouquet. The aroma of this oil is so fragrant in fact, that it is commonly used in perfumes.

  • Decongestant & Expectorant: Ocimene has been found to alleviate head and chest congestion, and can loosen mucus in the lungs to help you breathe easier. If you are sick or suffering from allergies, this terpene may be able to offer some relief from your symptoms.
  • Antifungal: Because it is naturally produced by plants to inhibit fungal growth, it comes as no surprise that ocimene has some great antifungal properties.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Several studies have been conducted on the efficacy of ocimene as an anti-inflammatory. It has been shown to combat inflammation by curbing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines that can make some conditions worse.

If you’re looking for an ocimene-rich strain, the experts at Verdes can help you find just what you need! Since terpene presence depends on a variety of factors such as growth medium, flowering time, and so much more, a family-owned and operated growth facility and dispensary such as Verdes can provide first-hand, experienced insights on the strains we offer.

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