Alabastra is a New Mexican, family-run company that specializes in delivering the highest quality live rosin extraction in the state. They are a luxury lifestyle brand with an educated, worldly character that stands for excellence in all pursuits. Their process is simple – cut, freeze, wash, press – that’s it.

Live Rosin is a concentrated, solventless extract that begins with freshly frozen cannabis that is then refined by applying heat and pressure to Ice Water Hash (this is the collection of trichomes derived from the washing process). A combination of heat and pressure produce a beautifully golden concentrated rosin.

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Mountaintop Extracts

Experience the Mountaintop.

Diamonds are pure THC-A bonded crystals. THC-A is the precursor of THC. With the introduction of heat, THC-A becomes THC, which gives the psychoactive effects we expect from cannabis. The base cannabis extract has a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes. One of those cannabinoids is THC-A. By encouraging crystallization and bonding, Mountaintop gets these beautiful diamonds to form. The diamonds are then mixed with the remaining extract solution which is high in terpenes and other cannabinoids for consumption.

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Pharmers Concentrates

Pharmers Quality Concentrates is New Mexico’s premier manufacture of high-end concentrates. They are the chemistry focused cannabis extraction laboratory in Socorro, New Mexico. They strive to provide the highest quality cannabis oil available by imploring the use of modern organic chemistry. Their motto is QUALITY COMES STANDARD because they believe it should!

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