As one of New Mexico’s original medical marijuana dispensaries, we’ve been innovating and refining our practices since 2010. Now, as New Mexico’s most reputable and best cannabis dispensaries, we strive to offer you the best weed strains you can find in the state. Here’s how we do it.

Finding the Best Weed Strains

Verdes’s dedicated research and development team travels nationwide to bring the best flower genetics to New Mexico. All new genetics undergo a vetting process to ensure we bring the best weed strains to our community, prioritizing potency and terpene content.

Growing the Best Weed Strains Locally

Once we’ve vetted and established the strain’s quality, potency, and terpene content, we begin growing these strains locally. By growing our cannabis locally, we closely monitor its development from seed to sale, ensuring the cannabis you buy remains clean and consistent.

Testing the Best Weed Strains Rigorously

Verdes focuses on providing you with the highest quality products, free from pesticides and other harmful introduced chemicals. Each batch is tested per harvest by Scepter Labs or Steep Hill Labs.

Ensuring Transparent Labeling of the Best Weed Strains

After each harvest’s testing, we update and provide each strain’s information online and in-store. Here are some of the descriptions you’ll find for each strain:

  • Name
  • THC potency
  • Terpene content
  • Hybrid combination information
  • Breeder affiliation
  • Expected effect

 Potency and terpenes will vary from batch to batch, but you can always ask to see our potency, microbial, and terpene test reports. We rigorously test our products to ensure accurate labeling because we know how vital it is to provide reliable information to help you make the best decisions for your well-being.

Why You Need to Purchase Your Cannabis Products at Verdes

Since the legalization of consuming and selling recreational cannabis in New Mexico, we know you have plenty of places to choose from to buy marijuana. At Verdes, we want you to understand why we’re different and what makes us New Mexico’s best cannabis dispensary.


In 2010, Verdes became one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries in New Mexico. As a family-owned local business, we innovated our practices and procedures to ensure our patients received high-quality products that delivered therapeutic benefits.

 Despite our rapid expansion, we found it vital to ensure the quality of our products remained consistent. We do this by growing our plants locally, rigorous testing, and closely monitoring our products from seed to sale.


We continuously and tirelessly research cannabis through peer-reviewed studies, reports, data, and testing. We realize that information is constantly changing, expanding, and being refined. We find it crucial that we use the latest information to help you make better choices for your wellness journey.

Highly Trained and Educated Nurses and Staff

In our commitment to being the best cannabis dispensary, we have 2 registered nurses on staff. Plus, every Customer Service Representative on our team undergoes 3 intensive weeks of training through our Nurse Education Program to ensure clients are given safe and accurate information.

Community Education

While it’s crucial and ethical for everyone working at Verdes to know everything we can about cannabis and our products, it’s just as important to us that we share our knowledge of cannabis with the community.

 We do this through learning labs and classes we offer at our different locations. We also provide information, resources, and video classes through our website. We want to empower you to make informed decisions regarding our products while helping you find the best solutions for your wellness journey.


Since 2010, we’ve remained a local company, employing over 100 New Mexicans, and growing, processing, and selling our products locally. We partner with local businesses to help us with everything from testing our cannabis to making our cannabis into yummy ice creams.

 Keeping our business local enables us to actively participate in and oversee everything involved with our plants, products, and dispensaries.

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Best Weed Strains Best Weed Strains Best Weed Strains
Best Weed Strains Best Weed Strains Best Weed Strains
Best Weed Strains Best Weed Strains Best Weed Strains
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Best Weed Strains


Experience All the Ways You Can Consume Cannabis With Verdes Products

While smoking flower is a traditional and popular way of consuming marijuana, Verdes offers other ways for you to experience cannabis.

Verdes Cannabis Vapes for Sale

Verdes cannabis vapes provide a discreet, flavorful, and effective way to consume your cannabis. Verdes offers various vapes and THC cartridges for sale:

  • Distillate oils
  • Rosins
  • Resin pens
  • Sauce pens

Verdes Cannabis Edibles for Sale

The THC from Verdes cannabis edibles for sale is absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive tract. The liver transforms the THC into a more potent form with a stronger effect.

 Due to the slower absorption process, the onset of effects is more gradual and lasts much longer than smoking or vaping. Edibles are discreet, easier on the lungs, and felt more intensely in the muscles.

 Here are some of the cannabis edibles we offer:

  • Gummies
  • Cookies
  • Chocolate
  • Hard candy
  • Lollipops
  • Ice cream
  • Cannabis cocktails

Verdes THC and CBD Tinctures for Sale

Our tinctures are made with coconut-derived MCT oil with CBD, CBN, and THC oils added. This makes them the perfect choice for those avoiding alcohol-based products. We offer straight THC tinctures in varying potencies and proprietary THC blends with either CBD or CBN.

Ready to explore some of the best weed strains in New Mexico?

At Verdes, we’re farmers, first and foremost, entirely family-owned and operated, and dedicated to a safe, holistic approach to a better quality of life. As one of New Mexico’s oldest and premier cannabis dispensaries, you benefit from our innovative practices and high-quality local products.

 Go online or check out one of our stores today to find the best weed strains in New Mexico!

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