With such high concentrations of β-caryophyllene in spices and herbs such as black pepper, cinnamon, hops, and rosemary, it is no wonder that this terpene is identified by its strong, spicy aroma. Caryophyllene is unique among terpenes since it can also be classified as a cannabinoid in part because of its ability to affect CB2 receptors. What this means for the medical world is that users can enjoy the benefits of β-caryophyllene without the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

  • Improve GI Health: β-caryophyllene possesses anti-inflammatory properties which have been shown to assist in improving certain gastrointestinal conditions. These characteristics also benefit the liver by reducing inflammation and alleviating symptoms from scarring and fatty liver disease.
  • Antispasmodic: Those who suffer from muscle spasms due to stress or from conditions such as seizures may find relief from caryophyllene’s muscle-relaxing properties.
  • Analgesic: Since β-caryophyllene affects the endocannabinoid CB2 receptor, it is especially effective as a pain-relieving agent.

If you’re looking for a strain with concentrations of β-caryophyllene, the experts at Verdes can help you find just what you need! Because terpene presence depends on a variety of factors, our family owned and operated growth facility and dispensary can offer a thorough and professional background on the products we offer.

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