What’s one thing we all have in common? We all need to unwind and relax, but life is busy with so many things to do, people to deal with, and places to be, that it’s hard for us to slow down and find the time to relax. Without giving ourselves time to relax and repair, we run the risk of burnout and increased stress and anxiety. Giving ourselves a much-needed break is what cannabis can do for us.

Cannabis has the ability to help us get in touch with our bodies. It can help us to unwind and relax. It gives us the time to recuperate and revitalize our tired minds and bodies. A joint study by University of Illinois at Chicago and University of Chicago found that low amounts of cannabis can significantly reduce feelings of stress and promote feelings of relaxation.

There are several different cannabis products that can be a benefit when looking for some relaxation.

  • Relaxing THC Flower – A couple of puffs can help melt away the stress of the day. Look for strains with the terpenes Linalool, Terpinolene, Myrcene, and B-Caryophyllene.
  • Cartridges – several of our vape cartridges offer relaxing terpenes. You don’t need much with these cartridges since they have a high percentage of THC. Our Blueberry Dreams and Grape Soda cartridges are flavorful and deliver a lovely relaxing, calming effect.
  • Relaxing THC tincture – It does just what it says. Relaxes the mind and body to help manage your stress and pain levels.
  • 1:1 CBD/THC Products– For those seeking more of a relaxing body feel without too much psychoactivity, our 1:1 strains and edibles are the answer. Adding CBD into the mix tames the effects of THC and allows for a functional relaxation. Just enough to help unwind after a long day but still enough energy to cook dinner and clean up afterwards.
  • Edibles – low milligram edibles can be beneficial in bringing about a nice glowing relaxation. Consider trying our CBN Gummies for a relaxing effect that may also help with getting to sleep and staying asleep longer.
  • Topicals – Our Soaking Salts are an absolutely wonderful way to unwind after a hard day. A nice soak in the tub with these aromatic THC infused soaking salts takes the body on a pleasant stress-relieving journey into relaxation. Our THC salve relieves tired and achy muscles and reduces pain.

It’s important to remember that low amounts of cannabis seem to show a better benefit when it comes to relaxation. Taking too much of any cannabis product can cause more side effects such as paranoia and pain. As with anything, moderation is the key. Low and slow is always the best.

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