October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many of us know someone who has been affected by cancer. It is a diagnosis that is life changing. The FDA has not approved cannabis as a treatment for cancer or its side effects  though many people have found increased comfort when using cannabis as an adjunct therapy with allopathic medicine. 

Cannabis has not been proven as a treatment to cure cancer.

Cannabis is not a cure for cancer. There are more than 100 types of cancer and it will be some time before cannabis is studied in relation to every type of cancer tumor cell. While the studies so far have shown that cannabinoids can be safe in treating cancer, they do not show that they help control or cure the disease However those who combine cannabis with other treatment regimens have been shown to use less prescribed medications during treatment, such as pain medication and antiemetics (anti-nausea meds).


One of the greatest aids to recovery is a positive mindset and the determination to keep fighting.

With so much emotional stress and body discomfort a positive mindset can sometimes be a huge challenge. Cannabis can help with the symptoms that keep you from enjoying your day-to-day life and help to fortify you mentally and physically.

Terpenes are beneficial for body and mind.

One of the fastest ways to feel better is to inhale cannabis with an herbal vaporizer. By inhaling the water molecules from the plant, you are better able to utilize the terpenes responsible for specific symptom relief, without inhaling smoke. Limonene is particularly beneficial for anxiety and depression. B-caryophyllene, the most common occurring terpene, is helpful for symptoms like nausea and upset stomach. Myrcene is effective for muscle spasms and tension.

Other methods of ingestion may help you gain more control over your comfort throughout the day and night.

Topical infusions are great for aches and pains and can be used often and discreetly. The Verdes topical salve is helpful for many patients with chemotherapy induce neuropathy. By applying the salve to the skin, the patient often feels up to three hours of relief from neuropathic tingling and pain in the hands and feet.

Edibles last longer in the body and can have a more intense effect for pain management and sleep regulation. Tinctures and cannabis oils can be precisely measured for the most consistent milligram servings of THC and CBD. Cannabis is also highly beneficial for maintaining a healthy appetite which can help someone keep their weight up while undergoing treatments.

The unknown challenge.

Cannabis affects everyone differently and without strong clinical research we are missing the knowledge to direct patients towards cannabis interventions specific to their cancer cells.

We do have a significant amount of anecdotal knowledge and have witnessed strong trends over the last 10 years, but it will still require patience on your part to find products most effective for your symptom management.

If you’re not sure where to begin, consider attending a Cannabis 101 Orientation class for the basics. We also provide 30-minute Learning Labs that focus and topics like vaporizers, tinctures, layering cannabis, and more. Join our community and we’ll discover ways to help you feel better.


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