Blue Dream is the only strain I can think of to maintain its exceptionally popular status since its debut in 2003.

And this is for a real reason!

Blue Dream is a beautiful balance between uplifting and relaxing qualities to give the majority of folks a surge of energy with a real positive outlook on the world around them. This can provide problem solving benefits and creative juices for those projects that you are waiting for a mind shift to tackle.

Blue Dream stimulates the mind and body, allowing for a break from daily depression while shifting the lens we see the world through.

It is truly the plant that elevates our life into a higher state of being and can bring a giggle back to even the most frustrating day or challenge.

Blue Dream is also useful for sexual stimulation, but for this effect, it must be consumed in small quantities, otherwise you run the risk of missing the moment.

Offering a true pick-me-up with a glowing perspective on the world, this plant gifts what most of us search to achieve in our daily lives.

Adulting is hard, let Blue Dream make it fun!

-Rachael Speegle CEO, RN
Verdes Cannabis

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