As one of the longest-standing and  best cannabis dispensaries in New Mexico, Verdes is extremely excited to be one of the first to open our doors to becoming the best recreational weed dispensaries for consumers.

As of the passing of a bill on June 29, 2021, the production, sale, and use of recreational marijuana are legal for adults age 21 and older. We welcome locals, visitors, newcomers, the curious, and those who’ve championed this progress for years to shop at our 5 locations.

What makes Verdes the best recreational weed dispensary?

While many started new businesses with the legalization of cannabis in New Mexico, our marijuana business began with our medical cannabis dispensaries.

Beginning as the Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary

In 2010, we opened one of New Mexico’s first medical cannabis dispensaries. Our mission has always been to inspire healthier communities through education, safe access to quality cannabis, and by partnering with its employees to create meaningful careers.

This mission helped us become the best medical cannabis dispensary in New Mexico.

Providing the Best Weed Strains in New Mexico

Another factor making us the best recreational weed dispensary involves our research and testing to bring you the best weed strains in New Mexico.

Verdes has a dedicated research and development team that travels nationwide to bring the best weed strains to New Mexico. All new strains are vetted to ensure we bring the absolute best strains to our community, prioritizing potency and terpene content.

From there, we begin growing these strains locally. We employ over 100 New Mexicans and contribute to the local economy.


As New Mexico’s best recreational weed dispensary, we focus on providing you with the highest quality products, free from pesticides or other introduced harmful chemicals.

 Each batch is tested per harvest by Scepter Labs or Steep Hill Labs, and information on each strain is available online and in-store.

 Potency and terpenes will vary from batch to batch, but you can always ask to see our potency, microbial, and terpene test reports.


Here’s What You Need to Know Before Shopping With Us

Being the best recreational weed dispensary means following New Mexico’s rules and regulations. Here are some things to know before visiting us. 

  • 21+ adults are permitted to purchase and possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis or 16 grams of cannabis extract or up to 800 milligrams of cannabis-infused edibles.
  • While we welcome tourists from across the country, it is illegal to transport cannabis across state lines, even if you are headed to a state with legalized recreational weed.
  • You are not allowed to consume cannabis in public. However, there are plans in the making to create cannabis consumption areas.
  • All recreational cannabis is taxed.


What’s the difference between THC and CBD?

Being New Mexico’s best cannabis dispensary, we find it crucial that you know the differences to make informed decisions about which products would work best for you.

 For thousands of years, THC has been used as a natural remedy to treat a range of medical conditions, such as arthritis, glaucoma, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease.

 THC is an analgesic compound. It blocks pain signals from being sent to the brain. It’s also a neuroprotectant, helping to stimulate brain growth by creating new nerve cells.

 Equally as well-known and beneficial as THC is CBD (cannabidiol). This other main cannabinoid is incredibly powerful when it comes to health benefits but doesn’t cause the “high” sensation.

 CBD has been used in pain management to reduce anxiety, as an anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, and more.

 Terpenes are a group of over 200 organic compounds and give each strain a unique aroma and effects. They are found in many plants but are most commonly associated with cannabis due to their high concentration.

 Rather than rely on strictly THC percentage, find what terpenes you enjoy and the strains that fit the terpene profile.


Types of Recreational Cannabis Products

As New Mexico’s best recreational weed dispensary, we provide various cannabis products, delivery systems, and accessories. This means you’ll always find what you need all under one roof.

Pre-rolls for Sale

Verdes Pre-Rolls are made using our ground flower, perfectly packed in non-bleached paper sourced locally in the US. Our pre-rolls come in 1/2g and 1g sizes.

Enjoy kief-y ground flower – no stem weight, no hassle.

Cannabis Edibles for Sale

The THC from cannabis-infused edibles is absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive tract, allowing the liver to transform the cannabinoid into a more potent THC form with a stronger effect.

 Due to the slower absorption process, the onset of effects is more gradual and tends to last much longer than smoking or vaping. Edibles are discreet, easier on the lungs, and felt more intensely in the muscles. 

Verde provides the following cannabis edibles for sale:

  • Cookies
  • Gummies
  • Chocolate bars
  • Hard candy
  • Lollipops
  • Ice cream
  • Fruit cocktails

Cannabis Vapes for Sale

Verdes cartridges provide a discreet, flavorful, and effective way to consume your cannabis. Verdes Cartridges are made with refined cannabis distillate oil and the perfect blend of naturally-derived terpenes.

 All Verdes Cartridges are offered in 1-gram and 0.5-gram options.

Cannabis Concentrates for Sale

With a diversity of consumption methods, from dabbing and vaping to sprinkling it on a bowl, concentrates include an equally wide variety of textures.

 One of the main benefits is the quick onset time and higher potency when compared to cannabis flower. The increased bioavailability delivers nearly immediate absorption into the body and the onset of effects. Plus, the effects are sustained for up to 3 hours.

 We also offer flower products, pre-rolls, vaporizers, and topicals. Here are some of the accessories we carry:

  • Hand pipes
  • Water pipes
  • Grinders
  • Rolling kits
  • Rolling papers
  • Batteries


See How Our Expertise Makes Verdes the Best Recreational Weed Dispensary in New Mexico!

At Verdes Cannabis, we are farmers, first and foremost, entirely family-owned and operated, and dedicated to a safe, holistic approach to a better quality of life. Through seed-to-sale quality control, we pride ourselves on providing safe, effective, and superior products for you to enjoy.

 Visit one of our 5 locations today to see why we’re the best recreational weed dispensary in New Mexico!

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Rio Rancho, or Santa Fe

Verdes is conveniently located and easily accessible from anywhere across Albuquerque, Corrales, North Valley, North Albuquerque Acres, Four Hills, South Valley, Rio Rancho, Placitas, Bernalillo, Santa Fe, and Isleta, NM.