One of the most convenient and discreet ways to inhale cannabis is to use a cartridge and battery. We’ve put together your how-to guide for our new Verdes Battery 2.0. Inhaling cannabis is fast acting and effective for relieving anxiety, discomfort, and stress. Take five minutes to learn more and stop by one of our stores today to grab yours!

The Cartridge
Battery Cartridge
Battery Cartridge

Cartridges come in many varieties and complexities. Some have a simple wick and others are more advanced. This means some cartridges can be use with a low voltage battery and others require a battery capable of varying heat settings with higher voltage.

The Battery

Batteries come in a plethora of sizes, colors, and capabilities. To keep it simple, we’re going to look at the Verdes Battery 2.0. It is new, universal, and easy to use. It provides multiple heat settings and a preheat function. Our battery is also compatible with every cartridge available in store.

To Use
  • Turning On and Off: Rapidly press the power button 5 times to turn the battery on or off. The power button will flash once to indicate you have successfully turned the battery on or off.
  • Preheating for first use: If you have not used your cartridge for a while you may want to preheat the cartridge before you inhale to be sure you get the amount of THC/CBD you desire. Simply press the power button two times to activate the preheat function. The power button will cycle through several colors. When the light show is over, the cartridge is ready to use.
  • Inhaling from a cartridge: Once you have a cartridge attached to the top of the battery, you must press the power button while inhaling to ingest the cannabis.
To Change Heat Settings
  • Rapidly press the power button three times to change the heat settings.
  • Color indications: The battery has three heat settings.
    • LOW: Green light = 2.4 volts
    • MEDIUM: Blue light = 3.2 volts
    • HIGH: Red light = 4 volts
  • The heat setting is your preference. Generally, the lower the heat setting the more mellow the effects. Higher temperatures typically result in more robust flavor and headiness. Try each setting to find your comfort zone.
To Charge
  • Attach the USB Charger to the top of the battery. Connect the charger to any USB port or charging block. The charger and battery will show a red light to indicate the battery is charging.
  • The charger light will turn green to indicate the battery is fully charged.

    Battery Verdes
    Battery Verdes

Try out one of our newest Verdes Blended or Single Strain cartridges like Love Potion or Kandy Kush #1 and experience the quality and convenience of a well-crafted cartridge with a sleek and high functioning battery.

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