Many people find that cannabis edibles give them a more intense effect than simply inhaling the plant. This reaction makes sense! Edibles typically cause a stronger physical and psychological response to the euphoria of THC. Because of this increased effect, many find edibles to be an effective, convenient and helpful aid for a restful nights sleep.  

The Science:
Edibles for Sleep
Edibles for Sleep

THC has become a pretty famous compound in the cannabis plant. It is responsible for the euphoria that we experience when we consume cannabis. But did you know that THC can be converted into an even more euphoric compound?

When THC is digested (instead of heated and inhaled) it processes through the liver and is converted to a compound called 11-hydroxy-THC (11-OH-THC) which is more psychoactive than its former state. Nick Jikomes, the principal research scientist at Leafly, says it best, “If you smoke or vape, the ratio of 11-hydroxy-THC to Delta-9-THC is quite low, and if you take an edible it’s much higher.” Digesting THC helps it to absorb more fully into the bloodstream providing powerful euphoria and a heavier body sensation that is longer lasting.


Since edibles can cause a more intense reaction it is important to start low and go slow until we know how it will effect us. Remember that edibles can vary in efficiency due to differences in manufacturing and variety of cannabis used to make it. It is a good idea to read the label to understand how many milligrams of THC are in the product. It is recommend that new edible consumers start with 2 – 5 mg of THC of any new product.

More to know about edibles:

You will feel the effects between 3o minutes and 2 hours after eating. This is known as the “onset time”. Your metabolism and the fullness or emptiness of your stomach will alter the onset time. An empty stomach will feel the effect quicker and have a more intense rise, whereas a full stomach may produce a gentler onset. Generally, it is best to consume edibles after a meal.

Edibles for Sleep
Edibles for Sleep
Edibles for Sleep

Now that you know how edibles work, lets talk about how you can use them for sleep. Things to consider before we get started:

  1. How quickly do edibles typically affect you?
  2. How long do you typically feel the effect?
  3. What is your preferred serving size?
  4. Do you feel drowsy when you consume relaxing / indica cannabis?  (Those are recommended for sleep vs. uplifting / sativa options)

The onset time is important to remember when considering an edible option.

TO FALL ASLEEP: get familiar with your personal onset time (when the effects of the edible start to kick in) and plan to eat your edible one to two hours before laying down. That should help you feel drowsy and able to sleep on your schedule.

TO STAY ASLEEP: get familiar with how long you feel the effects of edibles. If you typically feel the effects for six hours (based upon how much you consume), and your onset time is about an hour, eating your edible an hour before bed should get you to sleep at your bedtime and keep you asleep.

CONSIDER LAYING YOUR CANNABIS:  Layering is the process of consuming a cannabis product that has a fast onset (like an inhalant) before you consume a product that has a longer onset (such as an edible). This fast acting option gives you the immediate relief you seek while you wait for the edible to begin to work. The faster acting cannabis makes you drowsy so you can fall asleep, and once you are asleep, the edible helps keeps you sedated until you want to wake.

If you feel overly drowsy upon waking, you may have ingested more milligrams of THC than you needed, or you may need to adjust the time you choose to eat your edible. Same is true if you become overly stimulated and unable to sleep.

Helpful tips for choosing the right edibles:
  • Learn what’s right for you. GO LOW & SLOW. You can always eat more, but once it’s eaten you have to wait until it passes through your body—however long that is for you. Remember not all edibles are created equal. You may find greater or lesser degrees of success from product to product.  Should you over consume remember  to drink water, try to relax,  and wait for the effects to pass.

    Edibles for Sleep
    Edibles for Sleep
  • Look for clear labels. The label should include an ingredients list and measurements for milligrams of THC and/or CBD per serving.
  • Remember that cannabis impacts everyone differently. For some, edibles have no effect. For others the effect can be too intense or have an opposite effect (an uplifting edible making someone feel sleepy, while a relaxing edible can make someone feel energized).
Explore the Variety:

We offer a wide selection of edibles from candy to savory crackers in to help you achieve the restful recharge of a good night’s sleep. Next time you stop by, ask our knowledgeable staff about the delicious options that might be best for you!

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