What is Vida Oil? 

Verdes Vida Oil is a full extract cannabis oil (FECO). Full extract cannabis oils are extracted directly from the flowers and sometimes the leaves of the plant. Standard oils are extracted mostly from the stems and leaves of the plant. The benefit of FECO oil is the rich content of cannabinoids and terpenes, which promotes the therapeutic entourage effect that cannabis has to offer.   


How does Vida Oil compare to standard oils?Vida Oil CBD

  • Vida Oil contains higher amounts of THC compared to standard oils.
    • Verdes Vida Oil tests at 70% THC or higher
    • Standard oils test at 50-65% THC
  • Vida Oil is NOT Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). RSO contains impurities such as chlorophyll and plant material, which accounts for the darker color and thicker consistency.
  • Regular cannabis oils are made by using CO2 and BHO (butane hash oil) extraction.



How is Vida Oil extracted? 

Our Vida Oil is made with a cryogenic alcohol extraction method using 200-proof (100%) Ethanol. The ethanol paired with cryogenic temperatures (-60C or lower) results in a highly pure extracted oil containing cannabinoids and terpenes without undesirable materials. The chlorophyll is extracted to create a clean, light-colored, tasty end-product. The Vida Oil is paired with a fat-based oil (MCT) to aid in digestive absorption. MCT is a type of fat that requires minimal action from the liver to convert into readily available medicine for the body. 

  • Ethanol is a solvent that dissolves water soluble molecules such as chlorophyll.
  • Vida Oil is made from our relaxing cannabis strains.


Vida Oil THCAdministration Considerations

  • Vida Oil is for oral consumption only. Not intended for inhalation. 
  • Always understand the potency of your serving size. Ask a Customer Service Rep for assistance determining your starting serving.
  • When expelling the oil from the syringe, always look at the bottom of the syringe near the plunger.
  • Freezing is okay but not recommended, as it will not prolong the shelf life. 
  • You will gain the most benefits from Vida Oil by placing it under your tongue. Sublingual administration will provide optimal absorption and will have the fastest onset time. 
  • Encapsulated Vida Oil should be treated like an edible. Never take an additional amount until at least 2 hours after initial serving. 
  • Capsules will work better when taken with food, especially with something that contains fat.
  • Remember that it can take the body 3-5 days to get used to a dose of cannabis, so do not increase the amount too quickly.


Determining Your Serving Size 

  • Each syringe is 1 milliliter in volume.
  • Each syringe has 10 tally marks.
  • Divide the total milligrams of THC/CBD by 10 to get the amount you will receive in one tally mark.
    • Example:  200mg THC/100mg CBD syringe:  Divide 200mg (total mg THC) by 10 = 20mg, and divide 100mg (total mg CBD) by 10 = 10mg. Each tally mark contains 20mg THC and 10 mg CBD.
    • For encapsulation of this syringe: you can create 10 capsules at 20 mg of THC and 10mg CBD each, or 20 capsules at 10 mg THC and 5mg CBD each.


Who can benefit from Vida Oil? 

  • Anyone who wants to gain the most comprehensive medicinal benefit that cannabis has to offer without inhaling smoke or vapor.
  • Anyone who has difficulty with self-administration of edibles and tinctures, and who can benefit from capsule form.
  • Anyone with food allergies or who do not want to consume traditional edibles made with food products.


 Ask your Service Representative about Verdes Vida Oil Syringes and see if this product can work with your cannabis regimen!

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