How sweet it is! Pain management, anxiety control, and general comfort are available in small, discrete, and delicious candy thanks to cannabis edibles. Our new Verdes hard candies are just the thing for lasting comfort during the day or throughout the night.

Are you sensitive to THC?

If so, you probably don’t need to eat a whole 10 mg piece of candy in one sitting. This is good news for you. One package will stretch a long way. Here’s how to manage your smaller serving sizes:

  • Relaxing Green Apple Candy
    Relaxing Green Apple

    Break it up. You can break the candy into smaller pieces and curb your milligram serving. Although it’s hard to gauge exactly how many milligrams you’re ingesting, you can ensure that the amount is less than the total milligrams of THC of one piece.

  • Try a time limit. Suck on the candy for 30 seconds to a minute. That will allow you to ingest a tiny amount of THC at a time. Wait about an hour to see if you achieve the desired comfort level. You can pop it back in your mouth for 30 seconds to a minute once an hour all day to maintain your comfort.
  • Want to be more precise? Try melting it. Drop one piece of candy in 1 or 2 ounces of water and let it dissolve. You can then divide the liquid however you’d like. A 10 mg piece of candy like our Verdes Hard Candies split into two equal parts is about five milligrams of THC per serving. Three parts equals a little over 3 milligrams of THC per serving, and so on. Be sure to mix the melted candy and chosen liquid thoroughly before portioning it out to ensure the same amount of THC goes into each serving.
Do you think 10 mg of THC per piece isn’t enough?
  • Relaxing Peach Candy
    Relaxing Peach

    Consider micro-dosing to maintain your comfort. Edibles typically last between four and eight hours (it can even go as long as ten or twelve hours depending on your metabolism, what you’ve eaten that day, and other factors). That means a heavier dose will metabolize and leave your system in the same amount of time. Instead of taking a large serving of edibles once or twice a day, try taking a smaller serving every two or three hours throughout the day. The benefit is that it will allow the cannabinoids to build up in your system over time which will likely offer more consistent effects. You may find you don’t need to ingest as much compared to larger servings to achieve the same (or better) level of comfort.

Verdes Hard Candy is Sugar Free, Delicious, and Better for You
Uplifting Watermelon Candy
Uplifting Watermelon

Our in-house candies are available in uplifting or relaxing effects in either watermelon, green apple, or peach flavors. In addition to making an easy to dose edible for any cannabis user, we also wanted to make sure our own brand of hard candies are as beneficial as possible. Sugar can be a major negative contributing factor in many health conditions. With that in mind, we’ve chosen to make our candy from isomalt. “Derived from sugar, isomalt’s health benefits and stability make it a versatile and valuable ingredient for numerous reduced-calorie foods and pharmaceuticals.”  It does not increase blood glucose or insulin levels, and it does not encourage cavities. Our candies are a great option for habitual use for those plagued with sugar considerations.

And one more reason to love’em…
Three Relaxing & Uplifting Candy Flavors
Three Relaxing & Uplifting Flavors

Candies are a great way to maintain your comfort discreetly. Never think twice about a colorful piece of candy igniting suspicion.

Verdes in house hard candies are made with consideration for you. We hope you love them as much as we do.

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