Meet Spring V., Verdes Baker

Spring is our baker here at Verdes! She makes the delicious in-house edibles that we carry in our dispensaries. Join us as we get to know a little more about Spring and her important work.

How long have you been cooking?

I’ve been cooking all my life. Family holiday traditions is definitely where it started by learning how to cook with my parents.

What excites you most about your work with Verdes?

What excites me most is knowing I am making medicine for patients in need. I am also really lucky to be able to do my dream job which is cooking PLUS doing so with cannabis. I am truly blessed for this opportunity.

What does a typical day in the kitchen look like for you?

Verdes Cookies Almost Ready for the Dispensary!

I’ll share a short version, since there are many steps involved! My morning starts with warming our oil and pulling out all of the ingredients needed for me to make our cookies. Based upon the patient need, I decide if we need more button sized cookies or regular sized cookies. After that, I make our dough and place them in the oven. Once the cookies are ready they are packaged and sent out to the dispensaries for our patients to enjoy.

What other items are made in-house at Verdes?

Verdes Salve & Soaking Salts


In addition to our cookies and concentrates, we also make skin care products and topicals. For our salve we have a normal formula as well as a sensitive skin formula to make sure that all skin-types can find relief from muscle aches and arthritic pain. We also make a lavender soaking salt that relaxes muscles after a long day.

What are some fun facts for our patients to know about you?

I like learning as much as I can about cannabis and its benefits. I love the beauty industry from make-up, clothes, hair, shoes, and nails. In fact, on top of being a cook I am also a certified nail technician. Spending time with my family is one of my biggest hobbies, and of course I love spending time cooking!


Without Spring, we would crumble! Thank you to Spring for all of the love and care you put into every cookie that our patients can’t see but can definitely taste.

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