Did you know that Verdes was once considered the premier concentrate hot spot in town? As our patient census went up and our plant count stayed the same, Verdes had to make the difficult decision to reduce our concentrate selection. We are now working to bring these coveted items back into our stores! We have also been researching strain varieties that give patients the most terpenes and desired effects in all forms of concentrates.

The Value of Concentrated Cannabis

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Concentrates refer to any product that has a higher dose of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) than found in the flower itself. Our Verdes nursing staff recommends concentrates for many different patients and conditions. Concentrates get you the relief you need while using a smaller quantity of medicine. We like offering concentrates to patients who do not have the lung capacity for multiple ‘hits’ (inhalations) nor are they able to hold their inhalations in long enough before exhaling. This can reduce the efficacy when smoking flower material. Concentrates are a great option for these patients!

To reduce the risk of tolerance make sure you change the type of product you use every 4-5 days. This can be accomplished by switching between flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals.

Concentrates and Terpenes

Many of the products now on the market capture a full bouquet of terpenes which as you have learned, provides an additional medicinal effect. Please stop by one of our dispensary locations to learn more! Our dispensary staff is very excited about these new offerings and happy to show you them all. Concentrated cannabis can help you get more bang for your buck, literally and figuratively!

Rachael Speegle, Director of Operations -Rachael Speegle, RN, COO

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