When the Labor Day holiday is over, and you head back to work on Tuesday we want you to feel in control of your stress and have ways to bring peace into your work space.  While there are many different techniques for reducing work place stress, here are some tips from our nursing team:

Create a soothing space
Verdes Terpene Candle/$12

Many of the employees who work at Verdes light our terpene candles throughout the day.  The soothing effects of linalool and limonene help as the work week progresses.  Many people feel the most frustration with their job or their coworkers on Thursday because the stress of the week mounts as the week goes on.  On Thursdays you may find everyone’s patience is running thin and the challenges of communicating effectively and calmly causes stress.  It is easy to light a candle and set your intention to be extra loving toward yourself on this day.  The hard part is making yourself and your health enough of a priority to do so before you blow your lid.  We have all had moments of fragility and frustration in our workplace. However, as we live and learn, we find it is easier to prevent a rupture than repair one.  Try lighting a terpene candle on Thursday mornings, prior to reaching the end of your rope. If your office has a policy against flammables, try an oil diffuser or heat lamp.

Maintain Emotional Homeostasis

CBD tincture is a great way to stimulate your body’s own endocannabinoid system.  We can use small amounts of CBD tincture to support the immune system, increase feelings of joy, and reduce work place stress.

Verdes CBD Tincture/$28-$84

CBD often increases people’s energy when taken in small to moderate amounts.

However, a small percentage of our patients report feeling slightly sedated when using CBD. If you find this to be true for you just take it in the evening.  CBD is useful for adrenal support which

can help you stay out of the fight or flight response when stressed.  This is why CBD is so useful for maintaining emotional homeostasis. Whether you take this tincture during the day or evening, try and take it close to the same time every day.

Care for Your Body

We all fight bad posture and poor body mechanics.  Sitting at a computer or doing manual labor can be taxing on the body and create feelings of stress and discomfort.  The Verdes Salve is helpful for reducing muscle tension even before it begins.  Often, we only apply it once something hurts, but using salve is even more effective when we use it to prevent injuries or to reduce inflammation prior to experiencing pain.  Once we feel pain we have a tendency to compensate for the discomfort by recruiting other muscles.  This can cause additional injuries or lead to muscle spasms.  Try to be conscious of you body position and use the salve to reduce muscle pain and prevent injuries.  In addition to daytime use, (not in the office bathroom) try an Epsom salt bath and then apply the salve once your pores are open and your blood vessels expand.  You will find this to be the most effective time to apply any type of cannabis salve.

Rescue Remedy

Our last recommendation is a product called Rescue Remedy.  We have bottles of it around Verdes to help reduce stress on any given day, at any given moment.   Rescue Remedy is a natural, plant-based Bach Flower Remedy.  Bach Flower remedies are safe and natural methods of healing.

Rescue Remedy is useful for decreasing negative emotions, like fear and worry.

This product can be found online or at any natural grocery store. Verdes does not sell it and there is no cannabis in it.  Our team uses it prior to all public speaking engagements, news interviews and to reduce daily anxiety.  It is also a safe option for children who experience stress or anxiety. They make a pet version that we recommend for dogs who have anxiety and fear of thunderstorms.

Lean on us

As you return from your long holiday weekend, remember we are always here to offer you guidance no matter your wellness goals.  Please stop by and speak with one of our staff members or schedule a nursing appointment if you would like additional information.  Happy Labor Day!

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