Meet Celeste! She is the person who helps decide what products we carry at Verdes for our patients.

I started out at Verdes as a Customer Service Representative, then I was promoted to Assistant Manager. During my time in the dispensary I learned that no two patient’s needs are the same. From the four-year-old child with epilepsy, to the eighty-year-old patient with cancer, I quickly learned that we need to do everything we can to help each patient as an individual. Now, in my role as Vendor Relations Manager for The Verdes Foundation, I use the knowledge I have acquired to order the most effective products for our patients.

Making Data Driven Decisions

My first priority in this position is to consistently keep our most medicinal products in stock. I keep data week by week to track which products our patients prefer most. As time goes by, certain products no longer meet the medical needs of our patient majority. It is my job to find the products that will best serve our patients at every step in their medical cannabis journey.

I base my product decisions on empirical data. When I notice a certain product is no longer meeting the needs of our patients, I do extensive research to find a product that is more effective and equally cost efficient.

How Products Are Selected
Bhang Micro-Dose Chocolate
Bhang Micro-Dose Chocolate

My priorities when searching for products include ease in dosing, potency, and enjoyability. Dosing is one of the most important factors when choosing which medicine is best for our patients. Some patients may have a very high tolerance, while other patients may have never used cannabis.

I make sure we have potent products for those who need a higher dose of medicine, and lower potency products for those who need less. It is my responsibility to make cannabis consumption as enjoyable as possible for our patients. This is why I order a variety of products such as chocolate, candy, and terpene-rich concentrates.

An Array of Options for You

Another important part of my job is bringing product diversity to our shelves. I research new products in a variety of ways. Often, I will read through catalogues pertaining to the industry, read patient reviews of products online, and go out to other markets in various states to see which products are meeting patient’s needs. I also receive daily feedback from our Verdes Staff on which products patients are requesting that we carry to better fit their needs.

Plant Count Limitations

While my position is extremely rewarding, there are currently some limitations in my department. The main one being our State’s 450 maximum plant count. A limited plant count coupled with a daily increase in NM cannabis patients means I am restricted in my ability to introduce new products in our dispensaries. I am doing everything in my power to allocate trim and flower to the most medicinal products for our patients. As we close the gap between our supply and demand, which we have a great plan in place to accomplish, I will be able to bring new and exciting products into our stores to offer an even larger variety of medicine to our patients.

Verdes grow room full of veg plants
How You Can Play a Role

Due to the increase of patients in the Medical Cannabis Program over the past few years and the plant count remaining the same, there has been a shift in supply and demand. The demand for medical cannabis products has been on a constant rise, while the supply of plants remains the same.

I encourage all patients to advocate for safe access to quality, affordable medicine. This can be achieved by contacting the Department of Health at 505.827.2321 or and asking for an expansion of the plant count.
I am honored to have the opportunity to continue to provide our patients with products that ease their symptoms while improving the quality of their lives. Stay tuned for more surveys asking for your input. All of your requests are taken seriously and help us create options that best meet your individual needs.




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