Cannabis is a highly adaptable form of medicine. You can find and tailor your own care regimens based on how you wish to consume cannabis and knowledge of how each method effects your body and mind. Oil, also known as concentrates, is one of the many ways that cannabis takes shape to provide you with its many health benefits.

Did you know?

Cannabis flower is converted into cannabis oil (also known as concentrate or concentrated cannabis) through a variety of extraction methods. This oil can make a number of products including chocolate, candies, tinctures, and concentrated wax.

Different extraction processes affect the flavor and consistency of the concentrate but as for the experience, the THC content is usually between 35% and 90% potency. Cannabis flower typically ranges from less than 1% to 30% potency.

How flower becomes oil
5 main differences between cannabis flower and concentrated cannabis:
  • Called by many different names: Similar effects but different production methods. Each method has a unique name and use:
    • Wax, Shatter, and Rosin/Resin
    • Tinctures
    • Salves
    • THC and CBD oil syringe
  • More potent. “Less is more.” Relief from concentrates is achieved with a tiny amount of material compared to consuming flower.
  • Consumed in many ways. Maybe you like sublingual tinctures or work well with oil syringes portioned by milligrams. You may prefer a device like a vaporizer to utilize the wax type concentrates or simply a rig water pipe and torch set up referred to as “dabbing.”
  • No plant matter. For those who cannot consume inhalants, options like tinctures and oil syringes allow for higher potencies in more convenient forms of ingestion. Likewise, inhalants are smoother due to the lack of ash and use of indirect heat.
  • Potentially more flavor and specialized effects. During the extraction process, producers can select specific terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant that allow for more tailored symptom relief.
A note on extraction methods:
Cannabis Extraction
Example of ethanol extraction equipment.

There are several ways to extract THC from the plant in a concentrated form. Most commonly used are alcohol extraction, CO2 extraction, and butane extraction. Alcohol extraction poses no risk of toxic residual chemicals as can sometimes be found in butane extractions. CO2 is most versatile and can pay special attention to specific cannabinoids and terpenes. It is also one of the most expensive methods of extraction.

Why should you consider concentrated cannabis?

Like any other specialized medicine, concentrates are most effective when utilized with attention to symptom relief and tolerance levels. High levels of THC potency are beneficial for immediate relief from pain, panic attacks, and nausea.

Another benefit is the discreet nature of concentrate consumption. Whether it’s a tincture, vape cartridge, or wax type product, you only need a small amount that can be scentless or is much less pungent than inhaling flower in a pipe or hand roll.

Tailor your medicine to your symptom relief. Some concentrates offer varying levels of THC and CBD combinations that are more effective for managing pain, anxiety, stomach comfort, and much more. Figuring out the terpenes and cannabinoid ratios that are most effective for you is the key to optimal comfort.

Want to try an intensifier without investing in a concentrated form of the flower?
Kief, a coveted part of the cannabis plant.

If you already use the cannabis flower you are likely already collecting the intensifier without knowing it. The common name of this flower byproduct is kief. Kief is the “sugary powder” that falls off the flower when it is ground down. Many cannabis grinders have separated chambers designed to help you collect kief. Add it to a pipe filled with flower to increase the potency of the bowl or you ignite it on its own. Remember: a little goes a long way.

Concentrated cannabis may seem intimidating to a new consumer. The reality is that it is the same method of ingestion as using an edible or inhalant. The difference is the level of intensity and the level of comfort you can achieve with this more potent form. Go slow. Be conservative with how much you ingest until you know your boundaries, and you will be amazed how beneficial concentrated cannabis can be when you need a little extra help.

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