As the Director of Nursing for the Verdes Foundation, I have worked with thousands of patients in New Mexico. We work together to design cannabis therapies tailored to each person’s lifestyle, budget, and needs. There are limited providers in New Mexico who possess both the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive guidance to medical cannabis patients as we are able to do at Verdes.

Our goal is to equip patients with the tools to confidently manage their cannabis medicine. We have worked hard to create multiple avenues for cannabis education, including free cannabis orientation classes and private consultations, because we feel knowledge is the key to success with cannabis.

As cannabis continues to be classified as a schedule 1 substance, it can be difficult to gain access to high-level cannabis research. The rural nature of New Mexico can also be a barrier as we are not typically a hot-spot for national presenters. This conference changes that.

The goal of this event is to give New Mexicans of all socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to gain information that will enhance their knowledge of medical cannabis.

Why should I attend?

In addition to hearing expert presentations, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with dispensaries, manufactures, and health care professionals who are prepared to answer any questions you may have. Some will also have great items for you to take home (non-medicated, of course).

There are still plenty of stigmas around cannabis that continuously hurt those who rely on this plant for their overall wellbeing. The more that we can educate the entire community about the benefits of cannabis, the closer we can get to a society that gives people the freedom to choose how they wish to manage their health. We encourage you to share this event with your friends and family and help us to spread the word about the amazing benefits of the cannabis plant.

Learn more about the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Conference here!

Briana Perez, RN, B.S.N., Director of Nursing Services

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