At Verdes, we understand how trying something new can be intimidating. In this helpful how-to we walk you through using a Yocan Torch to vaporize concentrates with a water pipe.

Step 1:
Gather your supplies Pictured left to right – water pipe, dab tool, Yocan Torch, Rare Dream Live Resin Diamonds

Step 2:
Familiarize yourself with the contents of the Yocan Torch box. Be sure to read the directions to learn the names of the separate pieces in the box.





Step 3:
Remove the bowl piece from the stem of the water pipe and set aside. Then, place the Yocan Torch in to the stem of the waterpipe with the male/female attachment side down.








Step 4:
Remove the metal tube from the quartz dual coil. Set metal tube aside. Then, twist off the small coil cap to expose the dual quartz coil. Set coil cap aside.












Step 5:
Hold your Rare Dream Live Resin Diamonds in one hand and your dab tool in the other. Scoop a small crumb of concentrate on to the spoon-shaped end of the dab too. Place the crumb into the quartz dual coil and gently press it into the coil with the dab tool.








Step 6:
Replace the coil cap. Then, replace the metal tube.





Step 7:
Turn on the Yocan Torch by pressing the power button on top of the battery rapidly 5 times. A white light will flash indicating the Yocan Torch is on.








Step 8:
Heat your concentrate by pressing the power button once. The white light will stay on for about 15 seconds indicating that your concentrate is ready to inhale. Put your mouth to the water pipe mouth piece, inhale while holding your finger on the air flow button. Half way through your inhale, release the airflow button and complete your inhale. Exhale and repeat step 8 as needed.












Remember: Start low and go slow. If you find that your first inhale produced too much vapor, you can skip releasing the airflow button and exhale from there. You can always leave vapor in the water pipe and by keeping the Yocan Torch in place, until you are ready for your next inhale.

Step 9:
Turn off your Yocan Torch by pressing the power button rapidly 5 times.





Pro tips:
1. If you find that the Yocan Torch male/female attachment doesn’t fit inside your water pipe stem, simply unscrew the attachment, turn the attachment upside down and reattach it to the main body. This adjustment should allow the male/female attachment to align properly with the water pipe stem.








2. Instead of using the metal tube over your quartz dual coil, use the glass cap found in your box. This allows you to see the vapor accumulating before you inhale. Some patients find this helpful when first starting out with concentrates.





If you have further questions about using your Yocan Torch, please consult one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives.

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