At Verdes we enjoy offering you many delivery options for medicating. From edibles to topicals we have a variety of products that will fit your needs. For patients who are looking for an alternative smoking option, our new water pipe is a good choice for you. In this how-to we will explain how to smoke from a water pipe (also known as a bong).

gather your items

Step one:

Gather your supplies. Pictured from left to right:

  1. Bowl piece
  2. Water pipe
  3. Verdes lighter
  4. Grinder (We’re using a SharpeStone Vortex Grinder)
  5. Flower (We’re using Kyptonite)

how to grind flower

Step two:

Grind your flower. If you are unsure how to do so, please refer to our “How-to Grind Your Bud” blog post here.

Pictured left to right: water bong with carb, bowl piece.
Step three:

Remove the bowl piece from the carb and set it aside.

fill water pipe with water

Step four :

Fill the downstem with water until the base of the water pipe is about a quarter of the way full. Do not fill it past the opening of the downstem.

add ice to water pipe

Optional Pro Tip : Add a few cubes of ice to the water pipe tube  for an added cooling effect.

replace bowl water pipe
Step five:

Replace the bowl piece into the downstem.

load bowl with flower

Step six:

Load the bowl piece with your ground flower.

light the water pipe
Step seven:

Put your mouth to the water pipe mouth piece. Using your lighter, light the flower in the bowl. While lighting the flower, inhale slowly. The water in the base will bubble.

inhale water pipe how to

Step eight:

Continue inhaling and simultaneously pull the bowl piece from the downstem.


Step nine:

Exhale. NOTE: Be sure to start with one inhale. Start low and go slow!


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