At Verdes, we’re always looking for ways to meet the needs of our clients while staying on top of the latest innovations in cannabis. With the introduction of our new Delta-8 THC dominate cartridge blends, we’re hoping to do just that!

Understanding Delta-8 THC

The cannabis flower contains many cannabinoids that react with receptors in our body to produce a wide range of metal and physical effects. Delta-9 THC (D9-THC) is the most well-known cannabinoid and the primary psychoactive ingredient associated with most traditional cannabis products on the market today. However, Delta-9 is not the only powerful compound found within the flower. Delta-8 THC (D8-THC) is only slightly different from D9-THC on a molecular level but is usually found in much smaller amounts in nature. Thanks to advances in technology, we can now extract, convert and increase the amount of D-8 cannabinoids found within cannabis and introduce them into our signature Verdes Blend cartridges.  

While traditional D9-THC offers great symptom relief for many individuals, it is not universally consumable for every person. If you’ve ever found D9-THC products to be too stimulating, you may find D8-THC to be a great alternative.

What are the benefits of D8-THC?

  • Soothe your stomach. One of the most beneficial qualities of D8-THC is that it is highly effective for relieving symptoms of nausea and upset stomach. It can also act as an appetite stimulant and aid in digestion.
  • Calm you mind. Inhalants that contain D8-THC, like vape cartridges, usually provide the fastest relief for those suffering from emotional distress. This can be helpful for anyone suffering from high levels of stress or anxiety disorders.  
  • Relax your body. D8-THC is effective for easing body tension and reducing muscle spasms.
  • Feel more in control and clear headed. D8-THC is significantly less psychoactive, but more energetic, than D9-THC. Enjoy the comforting and invigorating effects of the plant with less interference in concentration.
  • Peace of mind. Because D8-THC is less psychoactive, those who are prone to anxiety from cannabis are less likely to experience stress or paranoia compared to D9-THC. The effects produce a semi-sedated body sensation with little mental stimulation.

Learn more about Delta-8 THC here.

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