As a nurse, I have had a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with death and helping others cope with death. I had to quickly learn how to personally cope with the loss of my patients, while helping their family members at the same time. Death has tremendous emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual, and financial implications, and requires the support of so many individuals along the way. After helping many families through the loss of loved ones, caring for the dying patient has surprisingly become a very special experience to me that I have learned to embrace and grow from.

How is it that we can live with grief when it can be so debilitating? Here are a few tips for how you can get through and deal with hardships along the way.

Mobilize support.

It is very difficult to do it alone. It is comforting and healing to have others around who can empathize and listen. Talk to individuals you trust so that you can work through your feelings.

Take care of yourself.

It is easy to stop caring for ourselves during these times, but it is so important that you take care of your body so that you can heal. Eat nutritious meals and stay hydrated.

Salads with an added protein are a great healthy lunch option.

Continue to exercise if you can so that you produce endocannabinoids that offer immune support, relief from anxiety and stress, improve mood, and help with depression. Warm baths with Epsom salts can help ease tension by reducing lactic acid build up. It takes effort to live again and move on, so it is so important that we don’t neglect our bodies.


Cannabis has so much to offer. Strains and products with THC can help with sleep and prevent trauma memory imprinting as a PTSD response. Chose strains high in the terpenes linalool

Linalool is a terpene great for sleep.

and limonene to help deal with stress and depression and elevate the mood.

Add two tablespoons of the lavender soaking salts along with the Epsom salts to your bath for enhanced relaxation. You can also incorporate CBD into your therapy for additional management of stress, anxiety, and depression.

If you would like additional support and guidance along the way, set up a meeting with one of our Nurse Educators.

-Briana P., Verdes’ Director of Nursing

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