Who doesn’t love new cartridge technology? Especially if that new tech means a better experience, better flavor, and powerful effects. Verdes chooses CCell cartridges for our cannabis oil. Keep reading to find out why.

How It WorksCCell Nanoscale

CCell cartridges have ceramic heating elements that have a large network of tiny uniform holes also known as nanoscale inlet holes. They excel in absorbing, storing, and vaporizing thick oil. This makes the CCell cartridge an ideal option for vaporizing pure cannabis oil which can be very sticky and thick. The ceramic cylinders high efficiency provides even heat distribution which means steady and consistent vapor with each draw.

Why It’s Different

CCell vs WickConventional wick style cartridges use a cloth wick to absorb oil which is burned off. It creates a burnt taste that can taint high quality oil. Also, the wick is not as effective at absorbing thicker oils. That can lead to inconsistent performance and wasted medicine. Wick style cartridges can take a few draws to achieve a satisfactory inhale which can make determining your serving difficult.

Why We Choose CCell

Our lab takes pride in creating top quality cannabis oil. In order to ensure you receive to most benefit from our cannabis oil, we researched and sought out the best delivery system. This means you’re better able to achieve your desired level of comfort more regularly. CCell offers:

  • Purer, robust flavor
  • Powerful effects
  • Consistent performance
  • Works on first draw
Tips and Troubleshooting
  • Clogs are not common and easy to fix. If you’re not getting a good draw from your cartridge try “burping” it. Unscrew the mouthpiece above the glass vile to release pressure and then tighten it back on. If the clog is persistent, place the cartridge in a watertight bag and let it sit in a cup of hot water (not boiling) for about twenty seconds. The heat should gently dissolve the blockage. Do not submerge cartridge directly in water. Make sure the cartridge is completely dry before attempting to vape.
  • CCell cartridges work best with a steady even inhale. Drawing too hard on the cartridge can cause thick cannabis oil to clog the heating element.
  • The glass is half full. Due to the highly absorbent design of CCell cartridges, they hold a lot of oil inside the ceramic cylinder. This makes if appear as though the cartridge is not filled entirely, but rest assured they are filled precisely to volume by a metered pump. Don’t toss your cartridge too soon! Keep drawing on your cartridge until you no longer see or taste vapor.
0.5g & 1g Verdes Cartridges CCell Cartridges

Our CCell cartridges are available in single strain varieties including Acapulco Gold and Kandy Kush #1. They are also available in Verdes Craft Blends: Love Potion Blend, Vibrant Blend, and Bedtime Blend. Or try the Balanced 1:1 CBD/THC cartridge.

Enjoy flavorful, discreet, and potent relief for body discomfort and emotional support.

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