As Men’s Health Month continues we spoke with Jegason D., medical cannabis patient and future PhD student, to hear about how he manages his health while juggling school, work and fatherhood. Jegason walked us through his use of medical cannabis and other healthy lifestyle habits. He explained that he and his family have made drastic changes to their physical, mental, and overall well-being to achieve overall better health.

Jegason Diviant

A 40-year-old Albuquerque native and father of his 20-month-old son, Leo, Jegason is also a student of psychology. He plans to begin his PhD in developmental psychology this year, primarily studying medical cannabis under Dr. Jacob Vigil. He has also completed a plethora of other degrees, such as undergraduates in anthropology and biology, a minor in psychology, and an associate’s in environmental health and safety.

Reduce Stress to Bolster Your Immune System

Over the course of our conversation, he established a direct connection between mental and physical health, and how it’s difficult to accurately say you’re healthy in one way without being healthy in the other. When we asked his opinion on the number one concern men face regarding their health, he responded that stress is likely the most pressing issue for men.

“My understanding and experience with stress is that it weakens the immune system. It also causes the neurotransmitters to get out of balance, it has a direct impact on the whole endocrine gut-brain microbiome axis.”

In other words, stress reduction can improve mental health and bolster the immune system, both things that are increasingly important as men age.

Drink Water Rid of Metallics

We asked also Jegason some of his favorite ways to keep himself balanced and healthy. He spoke about his emphasis on diet, and his families strict organic-only, non-dairy, and low sugar regimen.

Verdes grow room full of veg plants

He also detailed his fondness for drinking reverse osmosis water, the same process used for watering Verdes’ plants. Due to its lack of heavy metals and ground minerals that other waters may contain, reverse osmosis is the best option for healthy

plants and humans. Metal elements can be harmful to the body, as Jegason knows all too well. Shortly after his wife gave birth, she began having severe health difficulties involving a buildup of Cesium. Cesium is a radioactive waste byproduct, which likely entered her system through groundwater contaminated by lab dumping. However, through healthy living and organic, high quality products, as well as switching to reverse osmosis water, she was able to recover.

Meditate to Stay Balanced

Recreational exercise can also be a fantastic way to alleviate anxiety, stress, and negative emotions while strengthening the body. Mindfulness meditation and Tai Chi are two ways Jegason manages his anxiety and stress. He emphasized avoiding ruminating on past or future events, but rather being focused on the present.

“…A dysfunctional microbiome has a direct correlation with overall cognitive mood and wellbeing.”

Jegason says, and so in addition to the activities above, he also supplements probiotics into his daily regimen to help balance and maintain this microbiome and, in turn, his mental health.

Substitute Pain Relievers for Medical Cannabis

As a medical cannabis cardholder, Jegason knows firsthand the benefits that medical cannabis can have on overall well being. He received his card for severe back pain caused by a spinal curve and abnormal muscle development, which are the results of years of carrying a backpack on one shoulder as a young man. He had previously tried other medications, such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen, but says

“that (takes its toll on you after a while, and this (medical cannabis) has been a much more effective and gentle means of controlling that pain.”

Nowadays, he has minimal to no pain, and suffers no impediment upon his day to day activities. He now has more energy and less anxiety. He has fewer headaches, down to one or two a year from weekly. He also has not consumed any cigarettes or alcohol in six years.

Diversify Your Products

His delivery systems of choice are quite varied. He spoke highly of the Verdes salve for superficial and low-level muscle pains.

CBD Tincture/$30

He also uses CBD and THC tinctures for either a mood boost or to quiet the racing thoughts for the night. Using a CBD tincture in the mornings helps to center himself and bring his neurotransmitters into homeostasis. In addition, he uses Indica cookies if his mental chatter is louder than normal, to get a restful and easy nights sleep. He also smokes from time to time. He prefers high CBD and low THC strains like Harle-Tsu, Ringo’s Gift, and Cannatonic.

Family, Work, Recreation

To wrap up our conversation, we asked Jegason what three things inspire him to get out of bed in the morning. “Family, Work, and Recreation.” He responded following with,

“for me, recreation is synonymous with exercise… Movement is key.”

He emphasized how important and helpful it is for brain health, immune health, and stress level management, to keep yourself moving and get some sunshine. We’d like to thank Jegason for his time and insight.

– Jake, Verdes Summer Intern

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